Special Offers

Reflex Nutrition - 100% Whey 2.0Kg
Product ID : R3
Approx 50 Servings = £0.91 Per Serving
PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT+ 2.2kg
Product ID : PhD8
90 Servings = £0.47 Per Serving
Adapt Pre-Train 300g **Includes Free BCAA+ 120capsules**
Product ID : AD1
Adapt Nutrition Pre Train is a pre workout that has been formulated to give...
Applied Nutrition ABE Pre-Workout 315g
Product ID : App05
Protein Bar Goodie Bag (A mix of our Best Selling Protein Bars)
Product ID : Mix2
A selection of mixed Protein Bars, perfect for Post Training Xmas Snack
Endurance Goodie Bag (An mix of Gels & Bars for Endurance Sports)
Product ID : mix1
A selection of mixed Energy Bars & Gels, perfect for The Endurance Athlete in...
Mars / Snickers / Bounty / Milkyway Protein Pack
Product ID : Mix3
A taster pack of Protein Bars from your favourite Sweets
Manuka Sport Tester Pack
Product ID : Man5
A pack containing the entire range for you to try
Battle Oats Natural High Protein Bar *Buy 1, Get a 1 Free*
Product ID : BAT01
Battle Oats are a tasty high protein oaty flapjack made using real butter,...
Powerbar Energize Sports Shots *Buy 2, Get 1 Free*
Product ID : PB1
POWERGEL® SHOTS deliver the same function as PowerGels® with a...
Protein Dynamix Staxx Protein Bar
Product ID : PD23
The Ultimate Low Carb, High Protein Bar - It's Fantastic
Science in Sport GO+ Caffeine Energy Gel *Buy 5, Get a 6th Free*
Product ID : SiS5
Fast energy with a caffeine boost.
Science in Sport GO Isotonic Energy Gels *Buy 5, Get a 6th Free*
Product ID : SiS2
Fuel your training with your favourite flavours of our easy-digesting...
Science In Sport Go Energy Bar - 65g
Product ID : SiS4
A High-energy carbohydrate bar to help fuel before training and races
High5 IsoGel X'Treme (60ml Sachet) *Buy 5, Get a 6th Free*
Product ID : H56
A natural real juice carbohydrate gel so you don’t need to drink extra...
High5 Energy Gel (38g Sachet) *Buy 5, Get a 6th Free*
Product ID : H54
Use EnergyGel for an instant energy boost. It is smooth with a light...
High5 Energy Gel+Caffeine (38g Sachet)*Buy 5, Get a 6th Free*
Product ID : H58
Use EnergyGel Plus for an instant energy boost with caffeine
High5 IsoGel (60ml Sachet) *Buy 5, Get a 6th Free*
Product ID : H55
Natural real juice carbohydrate gel where you don’t need to drink extra water