Science in Sport GO Energy (Sachets or Tubs)
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Science in Sport GO Energy (Sachets or Tubs)

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SiS GO Energy provides an easily digestible and quick supply of carbohydrate for energy.Designed to be versatile, this productcan be mixed at various concentrations to suit your needs. SiS GO Energy can be consumed as part of your carbohydrate loading strategy in the days and hoursprior to your training or race, with 48 grams of carbohydrate per serving.

Carbohydrate loading strategies involve an increase in the amount of carbohydrate an athlete consumes in the days leading up to an event in order to increase the store of muscle glycogen. A  major cause of fatigu  in endurance exercise is depletion of carbohydrate energy stores.  
SiS GO Energy provides a practical solution to increase carbohydrate intake to boost our muscle glycogen stores prior to training or competition.


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