Protein Dynamix Whey Protein Concentrate - 2.5kg
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Protein Dynamix Whey Protein Concentrate - 2.5kg

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Protein Dynamix™ Whey Protein Concentrate is a premium quality whey protein shake designed to contribute to the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass.

Whey protein concentrate is one of the best absorbing protein sources available. Its high bioavailability means it can pass through the digestive process rapidly providing growth essential amino acids directly to muscles when they need it most. With a solid 80% protein content, this exceptional ingredient is the perfect way of increasing your daily protein intake through a great tasting and convenient shake. As the most popular ingredient in sports nutrition, whey protein concentrate provides an amazing amino acid profile rich in BCAAs. These crucial amino acids are the building blocks of muscle tissue, which help the body maintain a positive protein balance to help muscle fibres thrive and grow. Taken directly before and after exercise, whey protein concentrate can help spare muscle breakdown (catabolism) and actually promote muscle growth (anabolism).

Used for decades by bodybuilders before it became a mainstream sports supplement, whey protein has long been recognised as one of the easiest and most nutritious methods for promoting the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass.
At Protein Dynamix™, we scoured the world for the highest quality ingredient with the best nutritional profile, simply because we feel you deserve better.

Whether you want the convenience of our best in class flavours, or whether you want to add this ingredient to your other sports supplements, if you demand the finest quality whey protein – then look no further. We don’t take the importance of sports nutrition lightly, because we want you to #BeYourBest


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