Myprotein Dextrose Glucose - 1kg
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Myprotein Dextrose Glucose - 1kg

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What are the Benefits of Dextrose?
Dextrose raises blood sugar levels and can be ideal for anyone looking for a quick increase in energy levels.

Who is Dextrose Suitable for?
Dextrose is suitable for a wide variety of sports athletes. High GI carbohydrates can be used before and immediately following training session for best effects. Dextrose would be ideal for team-based sports or endurance events which deplete muscle glycogen stores.
Carbohydrates contribute to muscle recovery after high intensity and/or endurance exercise.
Therefore in order to replenish muscular glycogen stores we recommend adding 1 large scoop (50g) to 150-250ml of water or your favourite beverage in a Myprotein shaker within 4 hours of exercise.

Beneficial effect is obtained through consumption of carbohydrates, from all sources, at a total intake of 4 g per kg body weight, at doses within the first 4 hours and no later than 6 hours of exercise.


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