Go Nutrition Super Vitamin D3 - 180 Capsules
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Go Nutrition Super Vitamin D3 - 180 Capsules

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What is Super Vitamin D3™?

Super Vitamin D3™ is a super high strength vitamin D3 softgel which provides a massive 5000iu dose of vitamin D3 per serving. 

What is Vitamin D and why do I need it?

Vitamin D, also known as ‘the sunshine vitamin’, is an essential vitamin which is required by the body for healthy function. Some vitamin D is obtained through the diet from oily fish and eggs, however the majority is synthesised by the body through exposure to sunlight. In countries such as the UK where exposure to sunlight is limited, particularly in the winter months, a vitamin D supplement is recommended. 

Why choose GoNutrition™ Super Vitamin D3™

There are two types of vitamin D available on the market, D2 and D3. We have selected D3 as it has been shown to be up to 3 times as effective as D2. Vitamin D3 is much more bioavailable in oil format than in a tablet. We have carefully sourced the oil format for this reason. Watch out for competitor products in tablet format which can have low uptake and utilisation. 

Super Vitamin D3™ provides 5000iu per softgel. This is the strongest vitamin D3 available on the market providing 2500% RDA, ideal for trained individuals who require larger doses of vitamins and minerals. 

What health and performance benefits can it bring?

Vitamin D is linked to a number of health benefits. It helps to maintain bone strength and can reduce stress fractures in athletes. It plays a role in muscle function and can boost natural testosterone level, both of which can help to improve power and strength. Finally it plays a key roles in immune function and can reduce inflammation, both of which can be negatively impacted by intense training.


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