Energy / Protein Bars

**New** Trek Protein Chunks (60g Pack)
Product ID : TR03
Brand new TREK Chunks are deliciously different.
Battle Oats Natural High Protein Bars - Single Bar
Product ID : BAT01
Battle Oats are a tasty high protein oaty flapjack made using real butter,...
£1.70 £1.55
Clif Bar Energy Bar 68g
Product ID : C2
The original natural energy bar. Every Clif bar is packed with a healthy mix...
£1.75 £1.45
Grenade Carb Killa Bar - Single Bar
Product ID : Gren1
A triple-layered deliciously crunchy low carb high protein bar.
£2.00 £1.90
Grenade Reload Protein Flapjacks - Single Bar
Product ID : Gren4
Reload® High Protein Flapjack Bar
£1.80 £1.70
Kinetica Protein Deluxe Bar
Product ID : KIN01
Protein Deluxe is a great tasting and convenient multi-layer bar.
£2.15 £1.90
Mixed Selection of Energy Bars
Product ID : mix1
A selection of mixed Energy Bars, perfect for cycling / running events and...
Mixed Selection of Protein Bars
Product ID : Mix2
A selection of mixed Protein Bars, perfect for Post Weight Training, Body...
Nak'd Gluten Free Bar - 35g {Various Flavours}
Product ID : N3
Dessert alternative 1 of your 5 a day Gluten free bars
£0.85 £0.50
PhD Smart Bar
Product ID : PhD25
20g Of Protein, 0.6g of Sugar, 0.6g Of Impact Carbs and Great Tasting
£1.90 £1.80
PowerBar Ride - Energy Bar
Product ID : PB02
This is a great bar to have in your saddle bag or in your rear jersey pocket...
£1.30 £1.20
Protein Dynamix DynaBar Luxury High Protein Bar
Product ID : PD1
The Protein Dynamix™ DynaBar™ has been officially voted the 'best tasting...
£1.85 £1.70
Trek Energy Bars (55g)
Product ID : TR2
Available in 4 great flavours: Berry Blast, Peanut Power, Banana Blast &...
£1.20 £0.70
Trek Protein Flapjack Bars (55g)
Product ID : TR1
Available in Morning Berry, Cocoa Coconut, Original Oat, Cocoa Oat, Flavoured...
£1.20 £0.70
Truestart Hero Bars - Single Bar
Product ID : True02
The power of TrueStart in your pocket.
£1.90 £1.70