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Omega 9: The Little Known fatty acid

9th March 2017
Most of you will have heard of Omega 3 of the  fatty acid, some of the Omega 6 fatty acid, but very little people know about Omega 9 and the benefits of this type of fatty acid.

Omega 9 fatty acids are from the family of unsaturated fats that are commonly found in vegetable and animal fats. These can also go be the name of Monosaturated fats or Oliec Acid, these are commonly found in olive oil, mustard oil, nut oils and whole nuts such as almonds and hazelnuts.

However, unlike Omega 3 and Omega 6, Omega 9 can be produced quite well by the body, so the need for supplementing is not as popular as it is with Omega 3.

Omega 9 Benefits:
•Can help reduce the risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke
•Increases energy, Decreases anger and Enhances mood
•Can benefit those suffering Alzheimer's Disease

Omega 9 v's Omega 3&6

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are more commonly sought after because our bodies cannot produce these by themselves, so they are typicall called "essential acids". A recent survery suggested that approx. 10% of all supplements taken were Omega 3 fish oils.

Omega 9 Foods
•Sesame Oil
•Olive Oil
•Macadamia Nuts
•Avocado Oil
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