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Exciting News - New Alba Ambassador

30th November 2018
Alba Sports Nutrition has teamed up with Karate Champion Calum Robb.

Calum Robb is Scotland’s Most Successful Karate Fighter of the last Two Decades, during which time he dominated the British Heavyweight Category.
During his competitive fighting career, Calum amassed a staggering multiplicity of titles, including 18 x Scottish “All Styles” Champion, 17 x British “All Styles” Champion as well as 15 x European and 2 x World Champion for his own style of karate, namely “Wado-Kai”. Collectively he is a 6 x World Medallist and remains the only Scottish Karate Fighter this Century to medal as a Junior and a Senior at both European and World “All Styles” Championships, an impressive stat considering the vast majority of competitors at these competitions are full-time, fully-funded professional athletes.

Calum has recently signed a professional contract for a newly announced worldwide full-contact fighting league called "Karate Combat", taking place in a uniquely styled pit with raised edges.
Calum is the ONLY Scottish Fighter currently competing in Karate Combat, in which his nickname is "BRAVEHEART", and along with England’s Jerome Brown (The Brown Bear), they make up the ONLY pro Karate Combat fighters representing Team GB in this immensely popular series of combat events.
In order to transition into “full contact” fighting, Calum has recently started practitioning Muay Thai at the notorious “Hanuman Muay Thai Gym” in Edinburgh. Calum is eager to fuse his wealth of knowledge obtained from his 25-year Competitive Karate Career with his newly acquired Muay Thai skillsets to produce a unique and formidable fighting style to unleash on his opponents in the Karate Combat pit!

Join Calum on his Karate Combat journey by following him on @calum.t.robb it’s sure to be one hell of a ride!

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